1950s Hellem Vacuum Coffee Brewer In Original Packaging - SOLD

1950s Hellem Vacuum Coffee Brewer In Original Packaging - SOLD

Do you like to put on a show when making coffee for your family and friends? Then this Hellem vacuum coffee brewer is the tool that you need!Besides the beautiful and elegant shape of this coffee brewer, what makes it unique is the method to produce your favourite beverage.


Here are the steps, translated from the French user manual that is included in the original packaging:

- Fill in the lower recipient (“ballon” in French) with hot water (near boiling point) up to the mark corresponding to the number of cups you want to serve (up to 6 cups).

- Insert the upper recipient (the “tulipe” in French), making sure that both recipients are hermetically sealed. The bottom of the tulip should not reach the bottom of the balloon.

- Fill in the upper recipient with finely grounded coffee. You will need approximately one teaspoon of coffee per cup).

- Fire up the alcohol burner and place it under the balloon ( the lower recipient). The water will start rising up into the tulip (the upper recipient).

- Use a spoon to stir the coffee and water in the tulip (the upper recipient).When the water stops rising into the tulip, wait a minute or two. There should always be a residual of water at the bottom the balloon (the lower recipient).

- Remove and switch off the burner. The coffee will then automatically be sucked into the balloon (the lower recipient) through the filter at the bottom of the tulip (the upper recipient).

- Wait until all the coffee as filtered through, then remove the tulip (the upper recipient). Grab the Bakelite handle to pour the coffee into the cups: your coffee is ready to be enjoyed!


Original Hellem pyrex glass vacuum coffee brewer from the 1950s with its original packaging and user's manual. Serves up to 6 cups. Oil burner included. The support is made of chromed metal and bakelite.



- 37.5cm (tall)

- 12cm (wide)

- 15cm (deep)