Bonnetière - SOLD

Bonnetière - SOLD

SOLD - Originally made in Normandy, Bonnetièreswere used to store Bonnets(caps, hats, headscarves) which were typically put on a wooden head to retain their shape.


From the XVIIIth century, Bonnetières started to become popular and spread across France, from Britanny to Provence, and from Périgord to Alsace, with their style adapting to local culture and the wood used varying according to local species available.


But the typical characteristics of a Bonnetière remained present in all regions: a single door, a moderate height and an overhanging cornice.


This beautiful example is a XXth century replica which is using traditional 1800s manufacturing methods: wooden pegs are used to keep panels and structure together; the lock is surrounded by an elaborate escutcheon and the large full length hinges are installed on the outside.


It was purchased in Mandelieu-La-Napoule, on the outskirts of Cannes (French Riviera). And the door facia, with their Chapeau de Gendarme(policeman hat)


It is made of solid cherry wood that we have striped of its varnish to reveal the gorgeous natural grain, and the warm orange and honey tones.


In modern life, they are very useful pieces of furniture to have either in a small bedroom (you have the option to retain the three shelves or to replace them with a rack to hang your clothes) or in the dining room, where it can be used to store wine and cocktail glasses, as well as plates and dishes.



- 78.5cm (wide)

- 50cm (deep)

- 179cm (tall)