Butcher's Block - SOLD

Butcher's Block - SOLD

SOLD - This "Billot de Boucher" (butcher's block) is definitely one for the connoisseur!


Billots have become very rare and sought after pieces, as European regulations now require butchers to only work on stainless steel surfaces instead of wood. And we had to fight with other buyers to finally get our hands on one!


We are very happy to have found this beautiful example in the remote village of Saint-Jean-De-Serre in the Gard department (South-East part of France). Its previous owners originally purchased it at a farm fair in Lozère, a very rural department in the Centre of France, known for its bovine industry.


It has all the elements of the genuine butcher's block: the strong thick legs and feet to withstand cutting and hacking; the aggregated beach wood blocks as working bench and the metal slot to store the knives. As a bonus, it has two bulls heads for working with string to prepare the meat.


One big advantage of the multi wood blocks building method over the single large block method seen on so many other butcher blocks is that the whole bench surface remains flat and useable today: this is because used and carved-in blocks were replaced over the years, as required by the butcher. This is clearly a statement piece of furniture for your kitchen, living room or hallway!



- 99cm (wide)

- 48cm (deep)

- 125cm (tall)