Storage Chest from the Fortress of Mornas - SOLD

Storage Chest from the Fortress of Mornas - SOLD

SOLD - A stunning find from the now derelict Mornas fortress, this storage chest oozes with medieval legends.


The Fortress of Mornas is perched on a steep 137m-high cliff offering panoramic views across the Rhone Valley, in Northern Provence (South-East part of France). Already mentioned in the 9th century under the name of "Rupea Morenata", the fortress, probably built in wood, was there to protect the village of Mornas. Propriety of the Counts of Toulouse then the Papacy, Catholics and Protestants fought fiercely over it during the wars of religion. In 1562, after massacring the women, children and elderly in the chapel, the Protestants troops under the command of the cruel Baron des Adrets forced the Catholic garrison to throw themselves off the walls. This sadly notorious episode is called "Sauto Barri" or the "wall jump". The Huguenots met the same fate when the fortress was recaptured by the Catholics in 1568. After the French Revolution, the fortress was abandoned and fell to ruin.



- 114cm (long)

- 58.5cm (deep)

- 77.5cm (tall)