Etching & Engraving - La Mère Indulgente - SOLD

Etching & Engraving - La Mère Indulgente - SOLD

SOLD - La Mère Indulgente (The Forgiving Mother) is a work by Louis-Simon Lempereur (1728-1808). Royal engraver accredited by the Royal Academy in 1759, he became a member (Académicien) in 1776 after presenting his engraved portrait of Etienne Jeaurat.


Description: A young woman, sitting in an armchair in front of a dressing table, is holding a letter and is looking at her mother, who leans on the armchair.


This is an etching and engraving work on paper of circa 1775, made in Paris, after Pierre-Alexandre Wille: see the wording P. A. Wille pinxitin the bottom left corner, pinxitbeing a Latin word used in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and meaning the one who painted it. Louis-Simon Lempereurs name appears in the bottom right corner with the shortened word sculpteur.


An example of this work was shown at The Salon, in 1775; advertised in the Gazette de France, on 22nd January 1776, in Annonces, Affiches et Avis Divers, in January 1776; and in Mercure, in February 1776.


An example of this work is at the British Museum in London (purchased in 1928 from C.G. Boemer – Museum reference: 1928,0618.36).


This work completes a pair with Les Conseils Maternels(The Mothers Advices).


The print displays a coat of arms and a dedication to Monsieur Le Comte de la Billarderie dAngiviller, followed by the long list of his official titles: Advisor to the King, Master of Cavalry, Knight of the Royal and Military Order of Saint-Louis, Commander of the Saint-Lazare Order, Intendant to the Kings Garden, General Director and Organizer of His Majestys Buildings, Gardens, Arts, Academies and Royal Manufactures.


The frame manufacturer' stamp at the back (early 1800s) confirms the age of this beautiful print.


Dimensions: 51.5cm (wide) x 61cm (tall)