Engraving - Colonne De La Grande Armée (Paris) - SOLD

Engraving - Colonne De La Grande Armée (Paris) - SOLD

SOLD - Philippe Benoist (1813-1885), one of France's most gifted topographical artists of the 19th century, was both a master lithographer and a painter. He began his career in Paris studying and apprenticing under the most influential pioneer of early photography, Louis Daguerre. By 1836, however, Philippe Benoist had turned entirely to art and was exhibiting his views at the Paris Salons and continued to do so until 1879. 

As an original lithographic artist, Philippe Benoist specialized in exterior and interior views of many famous buildings. Each lithograph was printed in subtle colours using a number of tints and tones. The figures and some of the foreground objects were then hand-coloured by commissioned artists. The end result produced by these large and elaborate lithographs justifies Philippe Benoist's position as one of the greatest artists of interior views and monumental scenes of his time. 

We have two examples of his work:
- Paris in 1650: Le Louvre, Le Pont Neuf et La Tour de Nesle.
- La Colonne de la Grande Armée: Paris dans sa splendeur.


Both come in a beautiful tri-colored and bevelled frame.


Dimensions: 54cm (wide) x 41.5cm (tall)