French Dough Bin (Petrin)

French Dough Bin (Petrin)

A "Pétrin" (kneading trough or dough bin) was a wooden vessel with sloping sides and four feet used at home to mix the bread dough and let it ferment and rise under the wooden cover.


The size of the box allowed for the preparation of enough bread for the week. For more historical facts, you may refer to this very detailed account of how kneading troughs were used:


In modern France, we have found "Pétrins" in people's living rooms and hallways: they are a beautiful piece of furniture on which you can place lamps, frames, books or even the TV! They can also be used in bedrooms where the kneading bin provides a useful storage for pillows and blankets! This example is made of beautiful pine wood and is in an amazing condition!


Dimensions: 185cm x 72cm x 74cm