Watercolour by Salomon Alfred Boisecq - SOLD

Watercolour by Salomon Alfred Boisecq - SOLD

SOLD - Salomon Alfred Boisecq (1911 – 2005) was a painter, sculptor and engraver.


Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including:


  • “Boat in a Lake and Landscape Vista”sold at Christie's New York 'The House Sale' in 2006 for 188 euros net ($325).
  • “Carte du Golfe du Morbihan” sold at Ruellan in Vannes (France) in 2014 for 186 euros net ($322).


The two examples that we have are aquarelles entitled “à Moura de Saint Innocent”both painted in Villefranche on the French Riviera on 23th April 1974.


A stamp at the back of one frame reads:

Fournisseur Breveté de la Maison Souveraine

La Maison des Artistes

15, Rue Princesse Caroline



Which refers to the Official Supplier to the Prince of Monaco.