Illustration - Le Petit Journal - SOLD

Illustration - Le Petit Journal - SOLD

This is the cover of a French weekly-illustrated newspaper that used to cost only 5 cents at the time!


This example is the front page of the Sunday 24th February 1895 edition and covers the harsh winter that Paris suffered that year! It was so cold that the river Seine froze ("La Seine Prise" written as sub-title). On the foreground, men under supervision activate themselves to break the ice, while in the middle ground, a very adventurous man is crossing the river on foot or enjoying some ice-skating! In the background, the Pont-Du-Carrousel and the Louvre Museum both shiver in the sub-zero temperatures, as the low and red winter sun struggles to warm up the city through the grey cloud cover!


A great piece to hang by your fireplace! This illustration comes in a wooden frame (possibly walnut or chestnut wood).



- 35cm (wide)

- 49.5cm (tall)