Illustration - Le Petit Journal - SOLD

Illustration - Le Petit Journal - SOLD

SOLD - This is the cover of a French weekly-illustrated newspaper that used to cost only 5 cents at the time!


This example is the front page of the Monday 14th May 1894 edition and covers the opening of new auxiliary post offices in Paris, in locations other than the traditional Post Office building.


This illustration shows that a post office counter (see the post office employee behind a grid in the middle ground talking to a gentleman) has just opened in a hat store; and you can see a little girl and probably her maid opening boxes and looking at the latest models in the foreground. Further to the back, a couple is selling vegetables from their old carriage, probably drawned all the way from the countryside.


Amazing how much one cover can tell you about the life in Paris in May 1894! This illustration comes in a wooden frame (possibly walnut or chestnut wood).



- 33.5cm (wide)

- 47.5cm (tall)