SOLD - Oil On Canvas - Fernand Brenas - La Chapelle

SOLD - Oil On Canvas - Fernand Brenas - La Chapelle

SOLD - Born in Bressan (a village situated between Béziers and Montpellier in the Languedoc region), Fernand Brenas (1913-2013) was known as the painter with the red beret.


In 1956, he moves to Lyon to work in the chemical industry, where he will spend his entire professional career. As hobby, he paints, becomes well known in the local circle of artists and contributes to the creation and development of the famous Marché de la Création on the quays of the river Saône.


In 1980, having reached retirement age, he returns to his roots in the Languedoc to enjoy the blue skies, the sun, his village and friends, At that time, he joins an association of artists: the Association des Artistes Peintres Independants Agathois (AAPIA).


He is regularly seen sitting and painting at the Cap, on the Promenade in Agde, at the place du Môle, at the quay Azur and on most street markets, where he was always the centre of attention with his good humour and his ability to attract passer-byes and impress them with his skills, in particular when painting with a knife.


A very atypical character, his style was loved for its warmth, its intense blues, the brightly coloured street scenes, the proud representation of local customs, the landscapes scorched under the bright southern sun.


He was also commissioned to paint a fresco in the town hall of his birthplace, and this work-of-art can still be seen today.


This chapel in a southern landscape is an oil on canvas finished with a knife. It is signed both at the front and the back. It is dated 1984 on the back.


Dimensions ; 48.5cm x 40cm