Painting by Fortuné Car - Provençal House - SOLD

Painting by Fortuné Car - Provençal House - SOLD

SOLD - A painting by Fortuné Car (Marseille 1905-1970), a Provençal artiste famous for its depictions of the landscapes, villages and coastline of the South East of France. He was born in a family where painting runs from generation to generation.


In the 1930s, it takes over his uncle’s workshop, a specialist in theatre decor.  This vast place allows him to create stunning decors for the theaters and entertainment venues of the area, among those the Opéra de Marseille.


In 1939, he must join the French Army and leaves his workshop in the hands of his younger brother. Upon his return, he abandons the making of theatre decors and turns his attention to painting.


Living near the Vieux-Port (Old Harbour) of Marseille, he soon finds his place among the Provençale School, depicting the landscapes of Provence, l’Arrière-Pays (the Back Country), as well as the little harbours that dot the Mediterranean Coast, full of fishing scenes and seaside life.


His style, strong and colourful, is enriched by his expert use of the brush but also of the knife. His work is soon exposed all over the country. His reputation as a Provençal painter reached overseas shores, in particular Canada, where he became a member of the Royal Academy of Arts.


Auction sales reported on

  • Bastide en Provence (22cm x 16cm): 250 euros ($430).
  • Le Vieux Port de Saint-Tropez (54.5cm x 106cm): 320 euros ($550)
  • Mas dans la Montagnette (50cm x 100cm): 400 euros ($690)



- 29cm (wide)

- 23cm (tall)