Baker's Maie - Blond Wood

Baker's Maie - Blond Wood

In the past, you would have found a “Maie” at every baker's as it was used to store flour for the preparation of bread.


This example was purchased in the city of Nice, on the French Riviera (South-East part of France). It is in a remarkable condition thanks to the great care provided by its previous owner: she has regularly nourished it with a blend of French olive oil and lemon juice to maintain the beautiful oak wood grain. It is built using a traditional wood pegs construction.


In modern life, Maies are great storage pieces for duvets, linens and towels: the top is a lid that reveals a deep storage area. The first two drawers are illusions, while the bottom one is real.


A sculpted apron stands on Louis XV-style feet.



- 126cm (wide)

- 57.5cm (deep)

- 78cm (tall)