Provençal Painting by Jean Rougier - SOLD

Provençal Painting by Jean Rougier - SOLD

SOLD - Jean Rougier was a XXth century painter.


This work, in its style, belongs to the École Provençale (The Provençal School) its typical clues: the terracotta-roofed houses, the pine trees (on the Mediterranean Coast; in the Back Country, olive trees pre-dominate), the azur sky and azur sea, and the stony landscape.


Painted on “isorel” (hardboard), it is framed the traditional way with nails holding the painting in place inside a beautiful traditional frame, and a small rope used to hang it. The wooden frame presents a hedging and colour typically used to frame works from the Provençal School.There is no date on this work, but after searching for similar works by the artist, we can reasonably say that it was painted in the 1940s-1950s period.


Dimensions: 38.5cm x 32cm