Semainier - 6 Drawers - SOLD

Semainier - 6 Drawers - SOLD

This is a "Semainier" aka your wardrobe weekly-planner ("Semaine" means "week" in French)!


Typically, a Semainier has 7 drawers , one for each day of the week. Although some versions only have 5 or 6 drawers to only cater for the working days (based on your social class possibly!).


We have three in stock, one each type!


SOLD - No need to stress any more every morning about what to wear: simply place your daily outfit in the relevant drawer on a Sunday night and voilà, you suddenly have so much more time to enjoy that morning croissant!



- 70cm (wide)

- 41cm (deep)

- 111cm (tall)