Set of 12 Decorative Plates - Monuments of Paris - SOLD

Set of 12 Decorative Plates - Monuments of Paris - SOLD

SOLD - We were very lucky to find this complete collection of 12 decorative monochrome plates displaying the most famous monuments of Paris!


These "Faïence" plates were manufactured by HBC France from the late 19th century. The first manufacture was founded in the town of Choisy-Le-Roi in 1804 by the Paillart brothers who managed it until 1824. Hippolyte Hautin and Louis Boulenger then took control of the manufacture in 1836 upon Valentin Paillart's retirement. The company changed its name by adopting the new owners' initials (HB & Company). From 1863, Hippolyte Boulenger developed the manufacture on an industrial scale to produce decorative plates with floral and architectural scenes.


The HBC manufacture remains famous in France for producing the white bevelled earthenware tiles that cover the walls of the Paris Métropolitain (underground). A truly rare lot, best displayed on a wall. Dimensions: 19.5 cm in diameter.


Price set according to recent auction results:

- 12 polychrome series: 530 euros ($912) sold by Lucien Paris Auction House.