Set of 4 Delft Style Myott Meaking Decorative Plates (England)

Set of 4 Delft Style Myott Meaking Decorative Plates (England)

Myott works were established in 1898 by Ashley Myott, and he worked in partnership with his brother Sydney. The firm worked the Alexander Pottery, Wolfe Street, Stoke-on-Trent. They then expanded their manufacturing to include the purpose built five-oven factory on the site of the former Brownfield's Works in Cobridge - extending their works to include an adjacent pottery in 1925 to form a larger works - also known as the Alexander Potteries.


In 1969, Myotts were bought out by Interpace an American corporation who were at the time the largest manufacturer of tableware in the USA. The Myott name was retained and in 1976 the company merged with Alfred Meakin Ltd, who were based in Tunstall, to form Myott-Meakin Ltd.


These four decorative plates present a floral theme and are in the typical Dutch Delft blue & white style. They belong to the Tonquin collection.


Price is for the set of 4 and includes wall hangers.


Dimensions: 25.5cm in diameter