Set of Four Lithographs by Carle Vernet - SOLD

Set of Four Lithographs by Carle Vernet - SOLD

SOLD - Carle Vernet (1758-1836), a French painter whose depictions of hunting-pieces, races and landscapes were very popular.


He briefly gave up art after his sister was guillotined during the French Revolution. But then started producing art again from 1795-1799, depicting in minute detail the military campaigns of Napoleon.


The French Emperor awarded him the Legion d'Honneur (the highest French medal) for his "Morning of Austerlitz" and Louis XVIII awarded him the Order of Saint-Michael.


The four polychrome items that we have are part of a series depicting the typical little jobs that he could observe in the streets of Paris:

  • La Marchande d'Oranges (the orange seller);
  • Le Marchand d'Encre (the ink seller);
  • La Bouquetière (the bouquet maker);
  • L'Allumeur de Réverbères (the streetlights lighter).


All four images come in a beautiful two-coloured bevelled frame.


Auction sales reported on

  • La Marchande de Poissons (36cm x 27cm): 650 euros ($1,120) – Paris 2007.
  • Le Marchand de Tisane (31cm x 26cm): from 200 to 300 euros ($340 - $515) - Estimate by Millon & Associés, Paris auction house – 2014.
  • La Marchande de Saucisses (35cm x 24.5cm): 120 euros ($205) – Paris 2015.
  • Some of his work’s worth is in the 6-digit figures.


Dimensions: 33.5cm x 27.5cm