Sunburst Mirror - Medium - SOLD

Sunburst Mirror - Medium - SOLD

SOLD - It is in the 1940s that the first Sunburst Mirror appears in the hands of Gilbert Poillerat, a designer and artist blacksmith who found inspiration in the artworks of the 17th and 18th centuries. At that time, the central glass is deforming, thanks to a convex shape and the mirror quickly earns the nickname “Oeil de Sorcière” (The Eye of the Witch), as people believe in its magic powers. It was a favourite of bankers and rich homeowners because the convex shape allowed them to keep an eye on an entire room. Some maids even thought that “the eye” was checking their whereabouts when their master was absent!


Being very expensive (prices of originals run in the $1,000s!), the Sunburst Mirror was out-of-reach for most people and it could only be found in wealthy homes where its fine design was very much appreciated.


In the 1950s, the manufacturing of these mirrors continued in the little town of Vallauris, on the French Riviera (South-East part of France).


The models that we have are originals from the 1960s with a wooden frame covered in real gold leaf. The convex glass is original.



- 41cm in diameter (overall)

- 10.5cm in diameter (glass)